Apple Price Photography offers her clients inspiring & distinctive art, photography, and an all-a-round experience! Her inspiration & style not only catches the eye, but captures the imagination, leaving a lasting impression.

Photography Types – Headshots, Family, Product, Commercial, Lifestyle, Corporate, Location, and Events.

She sees the beauty, and something interesting & provoking in everything. Apple captures priceless moments by moment, so you have it forever!

 What Else Apple Does?

Artwork & Decor – Sick of staring at a room with empty walls? Kick it up a notch! Adding style, spark, and personality to any home, office, or storefront is easy and affordable with Apple.

Creative direction – marketing and branding; informed opinions and designs based on analysis, research, trend forcasting, and experience.

Handmade Gifts & Jewelry – One of a kind, handmade jewelry pieces and treasures that make for the perfect unique gift no one else has a chance at. Gifts and jewelry are made by Apple Price with extra love and attention to detail.